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Book Buying

Stacked Books

We wish we could offer a new home to all of the books!

However, we are limited in both storage space and resources, and we are not currently buying books.  Sorry!

We highly recommend donating books to the Kennett Resale Book Shoppe, which directly benefits the Kennett Area Senior Center

What (and how much) we buy tends to be based on the following:

  • Our current level of inventory, both in-store and off-site.  This includes the quantity of all books in total, plus quantity of a single title, author, or subject

  • Condition - We accept books in very good and excellent condition.  Unfortunately, we cannot take in any damaged, dirty, or otherwise poor condition books, regardless of their perceived value

  • Customer demand - Since we do not sell books online, we are looking to buy books that will appeal to our in-store customers, and that we expect will sell relatively quickly

  • There are A LOT of great books that we usually do not purchase.  Often it's simply because those books are a genre or subject that we do not stock in the store due to limited shelf space

How the Process Works (please note that we are not currently buying):

  1. Give us a call at (610) 444-1063 or email to discuss the books you are interested in selling.  We may ask for additional information or photos to help determine next steps

  2. Assuming we pass step 1, we will schedule an appointment to view the books, either in the store during off-hours or at your location

  3. If we are able to make you an offer for your books, please note that it will be a fraction (typically 10 to 30%) of the price we expect to sell these specific books in the store.  Our expected selling price is likely different than what you may see listed online for different copies of the same book(s) or listed by another book dealer, and highly depends on the condition of the book(s) and customer demand.  There could be exceptions above and below the typical range

Due to resource and space limitations, unfortunately we cannot accommodate walk-in requests to purchase books.  Please call in advance before coming to the store with any books for sale.  We're happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you outside of business hours

There are no temporary storage options at the store.  Please be prepared to take back with you any books that we are unable to purchase.  For large collections, it's usually easier to meet off-site

We do not offer consignment arrangements, preferring to purchase books directly

We do not offer appraisal services, and are unable to provide you with guidance on how much any particular book might be worth.  We can only let you know how much we would be willing to pay for your book(s)

Our stock needs are always changing!  If we are unable to purchase your books on one occasion, it's likely a result of our current circumstances (inventory level and demand).  Please check back with us at another time

Stacked Books
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